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FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL TODAY. YES THAT'S RIGHT. FIRST DAY. I was really seriously nervous/excited/jumpy about last night which is going to lead to me copying Morgan's structure in all of this JUST SO THAT I DON'T GET OFF TANGENT. ...sadly, I realize this is alot easier said than done. Let's hope this works.

...MORGAN I'M SORRY FOR STEALING. (I just can't really function right now and YOUR ENTRIES ALWAYS LOOK SO PRETTY AND I WANT TO COPY. It's a form of flattery I swear. GOD I'M BABBLING. SOMEONE SHOOT ME.)

And ha ha FUCK YOU LJ-CUT.

Srsly now:

M O R N I N G;
0554 HOURS

You want to know why I woke up so goddamn early, you can ask my little sister. She's starting eighth grade this year and so she's in Advanced Band, which is nice and all. I'm actually pretty proud of her. She worked hard to get there, and I mean really hard. Mom bought her a flute for her birthday this year and everything. She's been pretty serious into it up until now.

Here's the thing: the school district is bloody retarded and so my sister can't take both Advanced Band and Japanese 2 in the same school day. They're both locked classes at third period. So the administration - wise and enlightened as it is - decided that the best way to solve this problem (For about thirty kids no doubt) was to give them Beginning Band. YEAH, I'M SERIOUS. REAL BRIGHT, I KNOW. My mother almost through a fit, since her instrument is pretty much brand new and Syd (that's my sister) definitely didn't need to putz around with it for all the effort she's put it. So, the only solution was for Sydney to have it zero period, which starts at six fifty or something stupid like that.

We live ten miles away from school.

That's a thirty minute commute out every day as is.

And now? It's a thirty minute commute that begins with us in the car (not waking up, not getting dressed, not taking a shower, not having breakfast, but literally tearing out of the goddamn garage) by six thirty in the fucking morning. IT'S BLOODY FUCKED IS WHAT IT IS.

Ms. Takanikos' really peeved though, so it looks like we'll only have to do this every day this week, and then every other day of every week onward. What I mean is we'll take her every day of this week, and then every week after this one we'll only take her on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It sounds really confusing the way I'm wording it, but I swear it's not. IT SOUNDS RIGHT IN MY HEAD IT REALLY DOES.

...but doing this every day this week has the potential to kill me.

And I mean hard.

Anyway, waking up wasn't so bad because Sydney woke up before me so everything went very gradually and I was allowed to sort of get up at my own pace. My head hurt like a bitch (still does), but it was okay after I got dressed. (The sound of my heels can usually wake my up pretty well. They're good heels.) Put my iPod on, which helped me get myself adjusted (Sum 41 at five in the morning, how bad can I get?) - Mom had printed out the CliffNotes on Catcher In The Rye for me since I liked it fine, I guess, but I didn't get it as much as I would've liked which I found vaguely pitiful. It made me feel kind of really stupid if you want to know the truth but hell, that doesn't mean I want to flunk the test.

I ate one of those WAY TOO GOOD cheese, turkey bacon, egg, bagel sandwiches and got in the car, and then we were flying to school.

Mom and I stopped at Starbuck's after dropping Syd off and I got my first Vanilla Creme of the school year. We bought a paper, as always, and read the advice columns out loud.

I still think Dear Abby is the biggest dumbshit on the face of the earth, but it wasn't Tuesday or Friday so I didn't have any Caroline Hax to assuage myself with. (I adore her. I really do.) This resulted in me getting out of the car faster than I usually have a tendency to on first days. I got to see De Ruysscher tear into the parking lot, though. We were that early. Bloody Christ he drives fast in the parking lot. Scared the living hell out of me until I saw who it was.

I mean, I'd feel worst about traumatizing him if he happened to hit me and I made this huge bloody indentation in his windshield, but I think that of anyone on campus who could do it if it absolutely had to happen I'd want it to be De Ruysscher. I mean, even if it killed me, I'd probably find the whole thing hilariously funny if De Ruysscher did it.

I swear I think this way all the time.

I swear I do.

It's a little fucked, but I enjoy myself.

Anyway, I ended up getting out of the car about twenty minutes before the first bell was supposed to ring and going through the halls to the front of the building. It was kind of a pompous thing to do, really - I'm a showoff in every sense of the world, and I really wanted to see everybody and give them hugs and have them say how much they missed me and tell me my hair looked so cute or whatever. I'm such a whore it's ridiculous. That's pretty much exactly what happened, of course - sadly, I'm usually right about those kinds of things, which I think makes me even more of a whore.

But hey, whatever.

I got hugs from Danny, Scott and Alyssa before I got to the front of the building which is where I was headed. Ever since I was a freshman, I've met people right out in front of school almost every morning. It's pretty much the same group of people - it usually includes Kate and them and almost never includes Sam or Scarlett. I don't know why, that's just the way it's always been. I like routine. Almost anywhere I ever go for a long period of time, I have a really specific routine that I tend to adhere to unless something big comes up. I always go to meet people somewhere specific, and I always go to the same exact place around the same exact time and I do it almost every day of the year. I don't know why. It's just what I do.

Anyway, from there, it was an interesting business figuring out how to read my schedule once I knew that the whole goddamn campus had decided to finally change all the room numbers so that everything finally makes sense, which would be really awesome if they'd done it from the damn beginning. It means that practically everyone looked like a freshman at some point in the day today, even though most of us hate ourselves for it, as we should. Alot of floundering, I guess.

Not on my part really, but hey. I try.

I got to Correia's class without much issue, once I was halfway there. Amanda took me, so even being lost was really okay. I adore Amanda. She's warm and sweet-smelling and puppyish in the very best way. It delights me.

The best part of the morning was absolutely when Scarlett looked happy to see both of us and didn't rip anyone limb from limb. I really thought she was going to atleast spit like a cat when Sam walked up, but she didn't. She was really sincerely glad to see us - both of us - and it felt so amazingly good.

The whole world was alright, right then.

C O R R E I A;

Correia wasn't drop-dead funny the way I think De Ruysscher is, but I seriously like him. Liked him the minute I walked in. I mean it. He's a little goofy, I guess, but he can still make me laugh in a good way that isn't "wow I'm really obviously sucking up"-ish. I really hate doing that, but alot of the time it just comes out anyway because for a second I do find it funny, but just for a second and then it dissipates and the laugh takes too long to go away. And then everyone's looking at me and I feel like I just told everyone I got my penis burnt off when I was a baby and so my parents raised me as a girl. (I watched a program about a guy who had that happened, once. Totally fucked him up. I felt pretty bad for him. Looked bloody frigging awful.)

...I'm sounding like Holden and it's pissing me off. DAMN YOU EVOLVING WRITING STYLE. Anyway, Correia didn't embarrass me for liking him and finding him more than relatively decent as teachers go, and that was a definite plus. I'm sure I'll like this class this year; I'm kind of intimidated by the whole "you lead the seminar" thing and GOD THE READING I HATE READING FOR SCHOOL AND NO ONE AGREES WITH ME THAT BUSY WORK IS MORE ENTERTAINING but I'm sure I'll be alright. It's an area of history that doesn't necessarily interest me but I'm sure that'll change, since it's not anything I'm well-versed in. Everything should be fine.

He took the whole class to explain the syllabus which didn't bother me at the time.

But then, it was only first period and I hadn't exactly remembered how this all worked yet.

(I surprise myself with how blissfully unaware of obvious truth I tend to be.)

Q U A L E;

I've always had a distant amount of affection for Quale, but having him really affirms it. AH, MY WONDERFULLY EFFEMINATE ENGLISH TEACHER WHO IS SIX FEET TALL AND YET PROBABLY THE CUTEST MALE INDIVIDUAL I HAVE EVER COME IN CONTACT WITH. He loves poetry, and whenever he talks it's like you're listening to him prance all over some field filled with poppies and tulips. I'm not kidding. (GOD HOLDEN STOP INFLUENCING MY WRITING. GRR.) It's freaking delightful. I'm totally serious. It's one of the most delightful things you'll ever encounter in the whole of your life. He seems almost boyishly shy and quiet a lot of the time - I really can't help but grin half the time, just because he brightens up the atmosphere around him. It's bloody infectious and lovely.

(If you can't tell, I already REALLY REALLY like this class; Sam said I would, and I've got to say THE GIRL IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Knows me well, at any rate, in the very best of ways.)

Quale was pretty good about just about everything; he had us fill something out about ourselves instead of making us listen to any requirements, which he assured us we'd get enough of the rest of the day. (Trust me, we did.) He's planning to give us that lecture Wednesday, which I assume is to ease us into things. I didn't mind it then, and I don't mind it now. I guess I could just keep my mouth shut half the time. I swear, I walked in and I just started bursting at the seams. I wanted to talk and do all the obnoxious-stuff I'm infamous for, and truthfully I just ended up making myself feel like a know-it-all. I went all cynical and over-intelligent on the application's ass, even, for God's sake.

No offense to her, or anything, but I seriously felt like Tara when I'm willing her to just please shut the hell up and not embarrass herself by over-talking something I know she's already overthought. I seriously adore Tara but I don't like to sound like her, because I don't feel like I have the brain or the charisma to back up sounding that full of myself and I know she does.

A little awkward as it were.

But life goes on.

B R E A K;
1048 HOURS

I almost forgot to go to break, but I went when I remembered and I went the same place I always do and always have.

Like I said - I have a place for ever single 'unoccupied' slot in my day. The table out under the first mulberry tree coming into the quad's always been ours and that's not going to change any time soon. (But God graduation's coming way to fast. I'm serious. I can't be the only one feeling inexplicably aged here. I mean, Juniors? Us? I seriously thought it was fucking hilarious sounding the first time I said it. And now I just think its really terrifying.) Mari was there waiting up for everyone with Arem and Tanya - she's back this year and I'm really grateful. I don't know why, but I find her presence just ridiculously comforting. It was Arem's birthday and I think Tanya's too but she might've just taken one of his balloon and said it was.

...I doubt it though. Tanya's not really that kind of person. (I mean, she is if it's obvious she's kidding but she seemed serious enough about it. She was wearing the most adorable hoodie today with these little whales spouting hearts out their blowholes on it. It was so cute.)

Break's really short so I didn't really do anything but celebrate Mari's return and Tanya's adorable clothing and facial expressions.

But it was nice anyway.

D E R U Y S S C H E R;
Yearbook/Journalism, Period !!!!

I love De Ruysscher like I love no other teacher on campus. It's actually pretty ridiculous how much I like him - I really felt a thousand times more comfortable walking into that classroom than I have ever been walking into any other classroom on the Mira Loma campus in the history of ever. He and Leister are almost identical entities in my mind. I really find him that wonderful super-duper. He makes me laugh too hard and it's so comfortable and relaxing and nice, even though he usually makes me laugh by being witty and sarcastic and rude, be it to me or other people. I'm perfectly okay with it and I want to be in his class every year for the rest of my life.

...just don't tell him I said so.

To better inform the group, De Ruysscher was my English teacher Freshman year, so I was expecting him to be a lot more of a hardass, but he's really a pretty easygoing Journalism teacher. It's actually pretty remarkable how much his teaching style differs between the two classes, but I'm really honestly perfectly alright with it. Dead serious. I actually think I'll end up liking both the classes equally, just in different ways. It's all about appreciating both styles of teaching, and it's De Ruyyscher. Seriously, it's ludicrous how much my mood benefits just from being in the same freaking room with him. I get into a crazy good mood, I really do. I get giddy just talking about it. (I'm serious - it's just ludicrous how much I like his classes. It really is.)

He went over everything pretty much the same way Correia did, going over everything personal in a lot more detail than he did much else. He went over it fast though, presumably to make it as painless as possible. Lots of people drag that kind of thing on way longer than they ever need to - it's not just teachers, either. It's your parents, it's your boss at work, sometimes your friends do it, even. Like they think that by dragging you over the same patch of dirt for as long as they can, you'll somehow come up and now more than there is to know about whatever the hell they just dragged you through. I really just think that's the biggest pain in the ass. De Ruyyscher whipped right the hell through it. Bing, bang, boom. Here are the rules you need to follow, follow them. The end. Short, sweet, and to the point. Like the way I can't write for the life of me.

Then we had an interview assignment to get to know our classmates better, and to start exploring our abilities as reporters. It was actually pretty cool. We all got a laugh out of it, regardless. I met a pretty cool senior guy on the edge of class named Cory; he's eighteen years old, like eel sushi, enjoys driving cars really fast in his spare time (even though he doesn't have any right now), and if he could be any animal he wanted he would be a wolf so he could scare the shit out of Animal Patrol. That idea in particular really seemed to appeal to him. I got the feeling he was handling a lot more responsibility right now than anyone around him was. It was kind of weird to see him act like a highschool kid and still have those kind of mature things hanging around his head. I really liked him - he was definitely an okay guy.

M I K O S E N S E I;
Japanese, Period *

...okay. I have to temporarily take back what I said about De Ruysscher. I love him more than any teacher on campus excepting Miko-sensei. I've got to say for the record that I really adore Miko-sensei in a way I adore no one else. If Mr. Quale is the cutest male individual I've ever met, Miko-sensei is the cutest female. She's really adorable, I'm not joking. She's insanely cute. Ask anyone. I guess that most of the time she feels more like she's family to me than one of my teachers, and I really just love every minute in that class. It makes me unbelievably happy in a class when the teacher seems to enjoy the fact that I'm there, makes me feel like I can really achieve anything I put my mind to. Miko-sensei's just like that. I always try to do the best I can, just because I absolutely hate to disappoint her to the exact same extent that I love to make her proud of me.

The only reason why I would ever say I like De Ruysscher's class better is because the classroom environment itself sometimes takes the edge off of just how much I adore my sensei. Like I said, I'm a total attention whore; I love to be the best, I love to be the teacher's pet, I'm really competitive and winning is by far one of my favorite pass times. I have trouble sometimes in Japanese because of this actually. I get so sucked into being the best and not humiliating myself in front of my sempai who I always want to prove myself to, who I always want to somehow outdo, that I sometimes totally lose sight of everything. Take last year for example: I got totally sidetracked by this competition I made up in my head between me and Warda, who would always score better than me on tests. It actually made me do worse when I was competing with her rather than when I finally let it go because she sat near me and I just loved her. (She was totally the sweetest thing.) It was crazy.

Anyway, this year, we have two new students who have come directly from Japan ontop of the one that we already had (Yuka-sempai), and I think I'm really going to have to keep myself in check so as to not get territorial or stupid about it. I have a tendency to do that, you all know I do. Julian-sempai, I seriously was most awed (and slightly irritated) by him the very most, because atleast the other new student seemed to be semi-Japanese. I'm not being racist or anything, it just somehow makes me swell with jealousy when someone white speaks Japanese and it's better than mine. I really do. It's fucking ridiculous. I do like him, though. He doesn't seem to like us much, but it doesn't bother me. I'm sure I wouldn't either if I knew the language backwards and front.

Miko-sensei passed out the same syllabus she did last year and went over it in approximately five minutes. Then she had us do kanji review which was pretty depressing just because of how much of it I didn't remember. I'm really going to have to study my ass off as soon as we get our books. I think I'm going to start taking my kanji workbook out on a bi-weekly basis and just work through what I can. Maybe I can get sensei to assign me extra work.

...I seriously wrote that with a smile on my face.

Something's wrong with me.

Before lunch, I talked to sensei about being a TA. (That's a "temp" where you come from, bloodnblack, though I still don't understand why that word works. SOMEHOW IT DOES I GUESS? Maybe for you too Rin...??) She approved immediately and it made me bubble all the way through the duration of the school day. It was lovely.

L U N C H;
???? HOURS

We eat during lunch at the same table most of us gather around during break. We call it our table because it really is, but in years past - last year specifically - we had a bunch of sophomores trying to steal it out from under us sometimes, which was just way more drama than I felt like dealing with this early in the year. So I got Sam to run and get me lunch (she was really nice about it) while I kept the table reserved, by which I mean spread all my stuff all over the seat and lay down on my back on top of it and read a book I've read too many times already. It wasn't exactly comfortable, but it definitely worked.

Sam came back with some of the most expensive but very best tasting Chinese food I've ever had from somewhere that isn't a sit down restaurant. It reminded me of Pearl House and it was bloody excellent, and I honestly think I might have to run for the cart to get any tomorrow. It was seriously that good. I'm pretty sure they're going to sell out of it damn fast from now on, but I don't plan on letting anyone get any of my or Sam's share. Or Scarlett's if she wants any. And maybe even if she doesn't. She can share. It'll be good for the group dynamic.

The atmosphere came out really well, actually - I said already I'm always just very comfortable when Mari and Tanya and Arem and them are around. Somehow it just makes everything feel alright. It could be just because they're older than we are; I don't know, actually. It's just really nice. And Scarlett and Sam were still getting on pretty swimmingly which was just great. We all talked among ourselves - it sounds like Mari had a lousy summer, but she is into the Twilight series much to my delight, and we screamed and fangirled really loudly about it for a solid five minutes. And I mean really loudly. I'm pretty sure the whole school heard. If you guys think I'm loud, you should hear me when I'm with someone just as loud. It's pretty crazy.

A D A M S;
Counseling TA, Period *!

I spent this whole period running around getting transferred so that my schedule said that I was a TA in Kumagai's (Miko-sensei's) class during fifth period. The closest we ever got was having me as her TA in seventh. It was a pain in the ass - it was pretty much a straight hour of me running back and forth between two classroom, finding different elaborate ways into the counseling office since the front door was locked and they weren't answering it for any reason (yeah, great idea guys), and having different people criticizing one another via me. Not very pleasant.

I don't really want to talk about it.

The only really productive thing that happened this period was that I got to have a really very nice, serious conversation with Tanya and Summer about college. I felt really obnoxious for even participating at all, but they really weren't mean about it at all. I really like both of them (and there's that whole "I LOOK UP TO YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE MY ELDER" thing going on) so it was really just very pleasurable for me. I've been really thinking about what Morgan's been saying about the University of Wisconsin and the University of Michigan, and I really do need to go somewhere with an excellent Japanese program, seeing that I've pretty much decided to major in it. And going to college with Morgan would be really motherfucking awesome, excuse my Parseltongue. They pretty much supported me thinking about it, which I actually needed now that I think about it.

I'm still not sure what Mom'll think.

But just Tanya and Summer justifying such a comment with a response was enough for me.

...I'm being a n00b about it, I seriously am.

But it really was very pleasant.

C A R S O N;
Environmental Systems, Period *!!

I was about twenty minutes late for this class thanks to my "RUN EVERYWHERE WITH EVERYONE TELLING YOU YOU'RE WRONG" escapades with Ms. Adams and Ms. Laura Lord (who's room smells fricking awesome, by the way) and so the most I really got out of the beginning was the tail-end of what I think were probably instructions as to how to fill out his personal contact cards. I've had Carson a few times now, so I'm sure I did okay, but he's really anal about stuff like that. (I actually used to like him the same way I like De Ruysscher now, and I still do like him alright but he reminds me more and more of a chipmunk every time I see him. It's a little weird.)

He started us right out on a group project, since he already knew almost everyone in the world - it'll be shortlived, we'll probably finish it tomorrow. But it's all panning out really enjoyably. It's all oriented about the science I like to study: the human impact on the environment, the problems that are affecting us because of the damage we've done, ecetra, ecetra. I'm sure I'll have a ball.

And then the bell rang and we were out and Sam was off and Scarlett walked me to my car and I gave her a kiss on the cheek goodbye and I was - whoosh! - gone.

Crazy sort of day.

But the good sort of crazy.

I'd talk about hip hop, but I'm so bad I don't think it's worth doing much more than mentioning it. I really like it though. I'm going to work hard to get better, because I really like it. Even the perfectionist in me likes it, and it's good.

I've been actually pretty good about picking up my phone today, though, and it's resulted in a few dampers to the joy.

Pepper's grandfather's dying, for instance. I get the feeling it's really ripping him up, and I feel horrible about it.

And Devin's apparently going to Casa Roble.

I know. Shocked me too.

(I should sleep. I'm fricking exhausted.)





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Aug. 21st, 2007 11:36 am (UTC)
As soon as I finished this I got an attack of incredibly painful and sudden bowel movement. AT LEAST THAT WAS THE LAST OF THE CHEESECAKE. Hurh >_>

Firstly: CATCHER IN THE RYE WAS FUN >: -really likes holden- His words do infect your style for a few days after you finish it though. (And speaking of, I have to read that book for AP English next semester, FTW.) You are a junior, aren't you? ...that makes me sad/scared/happy/giddy for you. GOOD LUCK ♥! I've heard Junior year is the hardest of all years :|

This long post makes up for the lack of phone call and Naruto. Kind of. >__>


We don't have TAs here =/ If we did, I would be either Magister Hughes (LATINNNNNNN) or Ms. Smith's (FRESHMAN HISTORRYYYYYY -zomg-) ANY DAY FLAT. (Not my art teacher's, frankly. HE WAS A HARD ASS AND I DID NOT LIKE IT, NOT AT ALL.) Lolololol730comments. I HAVE TIME BEFORE SCHOOL TO DO THIS AND WOW HYPER HYPER HYPER--


Yeah. Forgot the point of this. =|


Aug. 21st, 2007 11:38 am (UTC)
Aug. 22nd, 2007 05:12 am (UTC)
hannah it is tearing me up i just miss you and everyone i cant come back now but you all know i love you guys he got through te first sergery fine BTW so it'll be about six more months before hes dead. no matter how strong i wanna be all my friends at ML bring out the tears witch is good i kinda think i need to cry about this stuff. XD and now to top it all off i no longer have a youth group to go to. is it bad when all i need it a good big hug and i cant find one?
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