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My Town.

My Town
Buddy Wakefield

The first time my town saw the sky

It sucker-punched us in the throat

Left us breathless


"I'm gunna keep you awake some nights

without touching you.

You'll make it up -

the pain.

You always do."

Now my town only buys Drowsy Formula Sky.

Otherwise, it gets too big -

the sky -

like when we were three.

Before we realized

we have balls.

Okay? The sky does not.

Therefor, we have bigger balls than the sky.


don't talk to us about upside down hot air balloons.

Where rational conversations and big pictures are concerned we have no time for getting



We are not little presents for your sky.

We are just right.

Far right.

And cute

Like three-year-olds

Like the book about bunny suicides

Cute like

Old Yeller

Just 'fore he got shot in the rabies.

A good actor that dog.

My town was born way off the mark

Sometimes we see it coming

The mark

So we shoot it

With spitwads


Precision-guided fallic symbols.

Every time there is talk of war people give me reasons why their town will be bombed first.

It's a souped-up sense of self importance buck-o

Everyone knows

My Town?

Will be bombed first

Because once

We planned the construction

of a nuclear power plant

right here in the same fields where our military children

now carry out covert orders to keep the word 'dumb' alive.


Y'all it has a hard time workin' here.

It makes us believe that even when we are alone somebody's watching us.

Now? We're all narcissists.

We have a habit of giving other people's gifts

To ourselves

But atleast our children still get their confidence booster shots while our fathers

perform voice reduction surgery to keep our cries for help


While our mothers are bending infinity in half so that our families can continue to talk

in circles while we all burn our tongues while we drink

hot cocoa for the same reason

everyone here wants to hug the ocean

because it's just so much.

My Town knows that there is something so big inside of all of us

we have to suck

just to distract you from being directly overwhelmed by our real power

the kind of power that makes you smile.

Everybody knows that smiling

is for little girls

the gays

and certain kind of fish

who are smiling by accident.

The shortcuts My Town has taken has gotten us so far ahead of ourselves?

We've actually fallen behind.

Would've been better off learning to

herd turtles into bomb shelters on a moments notice

giggling at the fact that we will




and it's gunna happen so fast.

We will never have been anything but really cute

Like our three-year-olds

Who use folding chairs to beat lambs within inches of their lives.

My Town?

Is inches tall.

It's why the sky looks down on us

wants to tell us something


"Grow up."

Or "Reach up."

Or "Look up and watch me winking.

I'm trying to talk to you."


The earth is travelling at sixty-six thousand six hundred and forty one miles per hour around the sun.

It simultaneously rotates on itself at over one thousand miles per hour.

My Town?

It's having some trouble sleeping.

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